Stockpiling may be the way to go in Wizards Unite, especially if you need a lot of a specific potion or item. Of course, Niantic has been known to migrate other collectibles to different locations. This makes a lot of sense, after all, if you can’t travel far to change landmarks, then you may never get the things you need to survive. Called Landmarks in Wizards Unite, location-based spawning means you will get different ingredients, Foundables, and Confoundables depending on what type of environment you are in. maybe you will see more Gillyweed, or will you see more giant spiders in the forest?

If you want to play with your friends, take a look at the multiplayer mode page. There you will find information about how to create a team and face enemies together. The available time does not change between the phases and your health points do not regenerate. If you want to know how to find new friends, visit the site How to add friends?

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The full week 1 spans from April 5 through April 12, so study up and start getting ready before next week arrives. As always, the April Harry Potter Wizards Unite Brilliant Event is going to be split into two parts. Things aren’t as rushed this month, so players will have a full week for each half of the big celebration.

These are the kind of things we are likely to see over the coming months. The current level cap encoded in the game data files is Lvl60, with 17,608,500 cumulative XP required to reach Lvl60. They can be collected from the map by clicking on them.

Map And Locations

It is also mentioned in Cursed Child as a bad spell to use when trying to be stealthy because of the noise the explosion produces. Harry Potter Wizards Unite old version This charm causes a small explosion wherever it is targeted. The size of the explosion will depend on the power the caster puts behind the charm. Hermione uses this charm during Prisoner of Azkaban to blast a door open. Dolores Umbridge uses a variation of the spell ‘Bombarda Maxima’ in the film version of Order of the Phoenix.

  • During these battles there are only two possible spells, at least in the beta version.
  • I haven’t been able to log in for several hours, tried restarting the app many many times, restarting my phone, reinstalling the app, nothing works.
  • This is where Wizards Unite goes a little deeper than Pokemon Go, and adding a side of the game that’s not reliant just on walking around finding things.
  • Assuming they succeed, players around the world will be visited by a Dragon not native to their region on Saturday, September 7.
  • The world of wizards is under serious threat, mysterious forces have led to the fact that now people, various creatures, dangerous artifacts and memories began to appear in the world of Muggles.

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