Category E – Same as category D, but also allowing trailers and articulated buses. This category allows all street-legal vehicles with four wheels or more. Also called PPD (“Permissão Para Dirigir” translated as “Permission To Drive”). It is basically the same as a fully-fledged licence, but with some particularities regarding infractions Carteira download apk and penalties. The permit may be revoked in the case of committing any “very serious” or “serious” infraction, or two “medium” infractions. Having the CNH permit revoked means the driver must restart the entire process to acquire a new CNH permit.

If at any time the total score passes 20 points , the licence will be suspended and the local traffic authority will notify the driver, who can enter a defence within the next sixty days. In after the 60 days the traffic authority will decide the duration of the suspension, which can vary from 1 to 24 months. Once the suspension period ends and the driver completes an “offender driver reeducation course”, the suspension is terminated. Until 2008, 20 hours of theory classes and 15 hours of practical classes were required in order to obtain a CNH. After attending the classes, students are subjected to a 30-question test, and are approved if providing at least 21 correct answers. Finally, at least 25 hours of practical lessons must be taken plus more 4 hours of night lessons, and 5 hours in a car simulator, accompanied by an instructor from a certified driving school.


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Blackberry 10 Os

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